Industrial Automation

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Automate Remote Industrial Processes? We’ve Got This.

Industrial Monitoring

Industrial Monitoring

Interface with multiple I/O sensors to remotely monitor, report, and diagnose tanks and equipment at the edge regardless of main power availability.

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Industrial Control

Industrial Control

A complete SCADA system in-a-box that deploys quickly across many industrial applications. Digi's user-friendly automation control application is based years of OEM feedback.

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Manage from SkyCloud

Manage from SkyCloud

Collect, monitor, and analyze critical data from anywhere with just a click. Customized reports and alarms integrate easily with existing systems and servers.

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Digi Stands Watch with SkyCloud

Take Action

Take action on real-time data with phone and cloud reporting


Define and monitor critical points of the system


Customize reports and alarms

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts by text message and email during critical events

Gain Insights

Gain insights with access to historical data and automated reporting

End-to-End Automation Control

Point, Click and Deploy

"Language-Less" Platform

No programming required. Our automation control platform allows you to address complex problems without low-level programming.

Complex Formulas and Logic

Built-in function and logical operators give you PLC-like control at the edge:

  • Level thresholds with hysteresis
  • Control and monitoring at set thresholds
  • Custom alarms and messages

Raw Data Interfaces

“Plug and play” functionality for standard data types including Pulse, Digital, Analog, MODBUS, and more.

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Monitoring and Control Solutions for Industrial Applications

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Short range connectivity for remote monitoring and control.

Z45 Industrial Controllerss
Z45 Industrial Controllers


Local connectivity for remote monitoring and control.

Z45 Industrial Controllers
Z45 Industrial Controllers

I/O Expansion

Multifunction I/O for a wide range of analog and digital requirements.

Z1201 I/O Module
Z1201 I/O Module
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