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The shift to 5G is accelerating, ushering in an era of higher bandwidth, lower latency,
and more cost-effective wireless networking.

Whether you’re looking to deploy 5G applications now, or just want to ensure a frictionless transition in the future, Digi has you covered. Our solutions enable you to make the most of current infrastructure and your existing assets while unlocking all the power of 5G technology today and into the future.

The Right Data at the Right Time

Digi Remote Manager® is your integrated command center, helping you monitor and manage a growing number of connected devices including those enabled by 5G. Keep all of your devices up to date, functioning optimally and secure — through one easy-to-use console. Learn more about Digi Remote Manager.

5G Cellular Routers

Digi 5G routers offer an unprecedented combination of advanced functionality, interoperability and cost-effectiveness, making leading-edge 5G more accessible and practical. Digi 5G solutions offer a true path for those ready to launch 5G deployments. Choose from a selection of routers purpose-built for enterprise and mobile applications.

World-Class Expertise

Digi can partner with you at any stage of your migration process, from site surveys to deployment services to team training. Our experts can help you select optimal solutions for your business, plan and deploy your projects, and maximize your ROI. Learn more about our Professional Services.

Meet Our 5G Solutions

Digi’s 5G product suite is growing! Meet the current line-up, and stay tuned for more. For customers that require the speed and low latency of 5G, Digi has multiple options today – and a roadmap for the future – whether you operate in an enterprise, industrial or mobile environment.

Digi Remote Manager — The Command Center for Intelligent Networks and Devices

Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM) is the technology platform that brings networks to the next level, allowing networks — and the people who manage them — to work smarter. It transforms a multitude of dispersed IoT devices into a dynamic, intelligent network. Now you can easily activate, monitor and diagnose hundreds or even thousands of mission-critical devices from a single point of command. Edit configurations, update firmware, schedule and automate tasks — all from your desktop, tablet or phone.

Meet Our 5G Products Digi Remote Manager

Unmatched Advantages

Give your business a technological edge, now and going forward. Our agile, adaptive solutions meet your needs today and evolve to keep pace with your business.


Digi’s dual-connectivity routers let you leverage both 4G and 5G networks. The routers automatically connect to 4G LTE and use 5G service for extra bandwidth where available. When faster networks aren’t available, the routers will seamlessly transition to 4G — or even fallback to 3G.

Flexible And Future-Proof
Flexible And Future-Proof

Our solutions make the most of current 4G and 5G networks while keeping you on the leading edge with ongoing software updates and feature enhancements. Planned upgrades include 5G stand-alone (SA) mode, mobile network slicing (with end-to-end QoS) and enhanced support for SD-WAN.

Seamless Security
Seamless Security

As 5G allows businesses to connect more devices and use wireless WANs for primary connectivity, heightened security becomes more vital than ever. Our cellular routers are built from the ground up for secure operation and designed to support stringent compliance standards such as PCI DSS.

Additionally, multiple SKUs are certified for emergency response standards such as AT&T FirstNet® and Verizon Frontline®. Digi TrustFence® provides a complete security framework that makes it easier to secure connected devices.

Relentless Reliability
Relentless Reliability

Digi solutions are built to provide optimal performance and uninterrupted availability for mission-critical applications. You can deploy and manage highly reliable wireless communications that work under some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.

Digi 5G solutions are built with dual cellular modems for seamless carrier failover when the primary connection is interrupted. And Digi SureLink® helps maintain “always-on” connections with a programmable inactivity timer and link integrity monitoring.

Fixed Wireless Access And Private 5G Networks

Wireless WAN
Wireless WAN

Cut the cord. By replacing conventional, expensive wired WANs with Digi-powered 5G wireless, you can improve performance and latency — while reducing costs and ensuring always-on resilience.

Private 5G Networks
Private 5G Networks

Digi solutions are ideal for private 5G networks, connecting large numbers of devices across campuses, factories, airports, and other facilities more reliably, securely and cost-effectively than traditional approaches such as Wi-Fi.

Unlimited Possibilities

Digi 5G solutions provide performance for the latest IoT applications


Fixed Wireless Access

Digi 5G devices support Fixed Wireless Access, for reliable connectivity anywhere, replacing older, more expensive wired connections (DSL, T1 and fiber) with a more cost-effective solution. And with 5G, you can enjoy much faster speeds and better uplink performance, resulting in a more symmetrical connection in your headquarters, your branch office or even when you’re working from home.

Cellular Failover

Digi 5G enterprise solutions work as primary or secondary connectivity for enterprise and branch office locations. 5G provides dramatically faster connections than 4G, with lower latency, resulting in a better user experience – with fast failover to prevent loss of connectivity for your business and customers.

Pop-up Stores

Wherever you may need Internet access, as well as speed and throughput, you can drop in a Digi EX50 5G cellular router and get instant connectivity, security, and reliable performance to support your retail needs, from displays to interactive kiosks to Internet connections.


Image Recognition / Security Cameras

High-def (HD, 4K, 8K) security cameras or aggregated cameras require more uplink bandwidth. 5G’s and improved uplink performance support higher-definition video for improved image recognition – or to enable aggregation of multiple video streams over a single 5G router.

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)

AR/VR goggles like Microsoft HoloLens are connecting over Wi-Fi today. They need a 5G router to connect to a private mobile network deployed in a smart factory. With Wi-Fi 6 radios, Digi EX50 5G offers better uplink QoS through UL-OFDMA, providing a better video link with less lag.

Network Slicing

Carriers use network slicing to tailor the 5G network to specific use cases, such as high-bandwidth, low-latency, massive IoT or a hybrid. They may also offer a regional or nationwide private cellular network slice to customers.


Connected Vehicles

Transportation is evolving with assisted driving and automated guided vehicles, on public roads as well as in smart factories and smart warehouses. These vehicles will transport passengers and goods alike. Digi TX64 5G provides the reliable, high-speed and low latency link between the vehicle and its infrastructure.

Premium Wi-Fi

City infrastructure is growing rapidly and becoming smarter and more connected every day. From live-streaming of high-def multi-camera footage and real-time bus fleet occupancy reporting to great passenger Wi-Fi, the Digi TX64 5G router makes it all happen.

Sunsetting Technology

Today, 2G and 3G cellular networks are rapidly sunsetting to make room for new spectrum. 4G LTE shares spectrum with 5G, making it possible to maintain 4G deployments and begin adding 5G routers to extend the life of your infrastructure and allowing to roll out new use cases as the 5G infrastructure grows.

5G Terminology

Learn the terms that populate the 5G landscape, from high-band and low band to mmWave.

What's "beamforming," you ask?


With 5G rolling out, many people have questions about the 5G standard, and when to expect other networks to sunset.

Have questions? Get answers.